Lauren is a talented electric and acoustic violinist, performing classical cross-over, pop, Bollywood, chill-out lounge music and improvisation over DJ. Lauren has been in high demand ever since graduating from the prestigious Royal Northern College of Music, having already performed at numerous events not only within the U.K but also internationally.

Lauren first started playing the violin at the age of 9 through her primary school in North Yorkshire, England. Her love for the violin grew through listening to artists such as Bond electric string quartet, Nigel Kennedy and Vanessa Mae. Lauren’s first violin teachers introduced her to Folk music from around the world, which also has a strong influence on her music today. From a young age, Lauren knew that she wanted to be a professional violinist.

After finishing school, Lauren went to study at the Royal Northern College of Music where she studied classical violin. Although studying classically, her passion for cross-over, folk and cultural music was always a strong influence in her playing. During her studies at the Royal Northern, Lauren purchased her first electric violin, the green marbled 4 string Bridge Aquila.

After graduating from the RNCM Lauren began work on her fusion violin show and set up her own business as a performing soloist. Lauren’s passions for culture and world music lead her to learn Bollywood violin, which later lead to an interest in Indian classical music. Lauren also employs the use of improvisation within her performances due to her interest in Jazz and folk music. This combination of cultural influences has resulted in Lauren’s unique fusion violin style.

Lauren is now lucky enough to travel the world with her performances. She has recently played shows in Spain, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Sri Lanka, Rio, Pakistan, Kuwait, Oman, Atlanta USA, The Maldives and Barbados. This year she will be performing in Kuala Lumpur, India, Morocco, Sweden, Cyprus, and France. Some of her recent clients include Manchester United, KPMG, Private Equity Africa, Kidney’s for Life, Vogue and Pro Manchester to name a few.